Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Who do I think Jesus is?

"Who we think Jesus is will determine the kind of Christianity we live.....If Jesus is mostly a private figure for our individual lives, our faith will be primarily personal and not much engaged in the societies in which we live. If Jesus just provides us a pathway to heaven, we won't be much concerned with what happens on this earth. Or if we create a Jesus mostly in our own image, he won't be very useful to 'others' who are unlike us.

"But if Jesus came because 'God so loved the world' he will be a different Jesus for us. If his message is about changing the world and not just our own lives, then our lives will reflect that message. If Jesus came to create a new community and not just save people, then that community's collective life in the world will be of crucial importance."


Wooden judges

The law of all eternities is known to masterminds:
Whatever men do unto other men the judge and executioner will do to them’.

We do not note the execution of this law among the sons of men.
We note the weak dishonored, trampled on and slain by those men call the strong.
We note that men with wood-like heads are seated in the chairs of state; are kings and judges, senators and priests, while men with giant intellects are scavengers about the streets.
We note that women with a moiety of common sense, and not a whit of any other kind, are painted up and dressed as queens, becoming ladies of the courts of puppet kings, because they have the form of something beautiful; while God's own daughters are their slaves, or serve as common laborers in the field.

The sense of justice cries aloud: This is a travesty on right.
From The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, Ch. 114, 33-41

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Think it. Speak it. Own it.


Contemplate your body’s contact with your chair,

Contemplate your feet and their connection 
to the floor and Mother Earth,

Contemplate the smallest life form and the largest,

Contemplate all of your fellow men,

Know that all of these creations are just Energy.

The first question of the Protestant Catechism is:


What is Love?
Love is Energy.

All Energy is Love,
Therefore all Energy is God.

All of Creation is One, Is God.

Contemplate now All of Mankind
And our role as Caretakers of All Creation.

-George Bostic for Unity of Charlotte

Monday, August 18, 2014

The World's Need for more Sacred Activism for Animals

On Sunday August 18, Unity of Charlotte celebrated the sacredness of all animals. This poem expresses what we at Unity hope will be a nudge to our unconscious selves to stop our mindless day to day lives and become mindful of

The World's Need
So many gods
So many creeds,
So many paths that wind and wind
While just the art of being kind
is all this sad world needs.

I am the voice of the voiceless
Through me the mute shall speak
'till the deaf world's ear
be made to hear
the cry of the wordless weak.

From lab, from cage, from kennel,
from slaugherhouses, come the wail
of my tortured kin
who proclaim the sin
of the mighty against the frail.

For love is the true religion
and love is the law sublime
And all that is wrought
where love is not
will die with the touch of time.

Oh, shame on mothers of mortals
Who have not stopped to teach
of the sorrow that lies
in an animal's eyes;
the sorrow that has not speech.

The same power formed the sparrow
that fashioned man; the king
The god of the whole
gave a living soul
to furred and to feathered think.

Amd I am my brother's keeper
And I will fight his fight
and speak the word
for beast and bird
till the world shall set things right.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The divine calls to the self

Something to share:

In my recent reading I came across this statement by Kathy Juline:

 “You are the only you that will ever exist.  You have a call to be yourself.  Any idea or belief you may have that negates your Divine nature is not now nor ever has been true.” 

 It was followed by the quote below.

“Be yourself; no base imitator of another, but your best self … Listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that.  Do the things at which you are great, not what you were never made for"  ---Ralph Waldo Emerson

. . . food for thought.

--Kate Morgan for Unity of Charlotte

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Understand, Embrace, Live

Have you ever felt like you’ve finally got it.  The “it” I’m referring to, of course, is understanding truth principles as taught in Unity.  I’ve been told that some just “get it” right away while others may take months or even years to completely understand, embrace, and live them.

For me, the path has been years long.  As a result I consider myself one of the “worker bees” of Truth.  As a result, there are layers of lessons that make up my spiritual understanding.  (Think of a very large ball of yarn.)  There are even days I feel fairly evolved spiritually.
However, being the very human person I am, in spite of understanding that my spirit is whole, perfect, and complete, there are days in which my humanness is made abundantly clear to me and I am blessed with yet one more lesson to learn. 

My point is this:  regardless of how long I or anyone has been on the spiritual path, we are never done. 

 Life as a human on this planet is an on-going lesson, one in which we are ever evolving and growing, and, from all I’ve been able to figure out, the lessons never end.  It’s what we do with the lessons-- whether we recognize them and accept them as blessings rather than curses--that make the difference. 
Do you go with the flow or fight the current of life? 
Sound easy or challenging? 

Just a thought.

-- Kaye Morgan for Unity of Charlotte

Following is a quote by Ram Das . . .
                “My entire life is my path, and this is true for every experience I have … All of our experience, high and low is the curriculum, and it is exquisite.  I invite you to join me in matriculating.”